3 reasons you should learn to dance before your wedding day

Your perfect day is going so well. The priest turned up; no-one spoke out at the crucial moment; the meal was fantastic; the speeches were funny and you’ve managed to keep Dad away from that 3rd bottle of wine. So far, so good.

But now it comes to your first dance. The lights go down. Everyone is smiling and the music starts playing. You take your new spouse in your arms and in your mind you’re dancing like ballroom dancers from the 1920’s.


Wait a minute, you didn’t go to dancing lessons and you look like this:


Don’t do a Peter Griffin: learn to dance before your wedding day!

Here’s 3 reasons to learn to dance for your wedding:

1. No embarrassment

The last thing you want is to be left red faced with embarrassment as your loved ones look on at you. It’s a special moment. Yes, its awkward but you want it to be a tender moment.

2. Not looking the fool

The groom is not supposed to look like a clown (that’s the best man’s job). The newly-married couple are meant to look elegant during their first dance. While it might be a talking point afterwards of the groom tripping over and into the wedding cake – it’s not the talking point you actually want.

3. Treasure the special moment

Yes, you’ve gone through the whole ‘wedding’ day where you have declared your love for each other, but the first dance is seen as a moment for just the two of you. You want to savour it.

It’s proof to everyone that you are now husband and wife and it will show your family and friends that this is the happiest day of your lives.

So, sign up to those dancing lessons and make sure you aren’t left red-faced on the dance floor.

Of course, there are those who take their first dance a little too seriously… check out these videos for some seriously EXTREME wedding dance moves:

3 reasons you should learn to dance before your wedding day